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Transcript of "Group8 Vespa Marketing Presentation"

  1.  Ro d a a mp  Ve p fo Me Only? sa r n  W m n’ Ne Ac e s ry o e s w c so  W a Tho eStile sa Ge Aro ! er s tto nd t und
  2.  P fita ility & Ec no icP s e ts ro b o m ro p c •Europe: Market leader for scooters •USA •Growing presence in scooter market •28.7% increase in sales last year
  3.  P fita ility & P s C m a ns ro b a t a p ig European Ads Switzerland, 1946.
  4. United Kingdom, 1961. Independence Campaign. Italy, 2005.
  5. P fita ility & P s C m a ns ro b a t a p ig U.S.A. Ads
  6. Unchartered Territory: Gender Market Share 60% 40% •Women make and influence buying decisions •Women’s earning potential is growing •Women are natural marketers New York Times, October 31, 2003.
  7. Unchartered Territory: Age Distribution •13% of women are in the “active population” ages 25 to 34 years old U.S. Census Bureau, July 2008.
  8. Unchartered Territory: Geographic Market Share 43% 19% •Almost half of the U.S population lives in condensed, urban areas. World Bank, Ranking America, March 2009.
  9. Unchartered Territory: VALS •48% of women fit the psychographic profile of a potential Vespa buyer SRI Business Consulting Intelligence, VALS, 2004. U.S. Census Bureau, 2009.
  10.  Who’s That Girl? SHE IS •25 to 34 years old •Metropolitan •Active, smart, professional SHE NEEDS •To commute efficiently SHE WANTS •Independence •Success •Style SHE DEMANDS YOUR FULL ATTENTION! There are over 4 million of her with disposable income, representing a potential market value of $12.7 billion in sales.
  11.  She’s Got It! 4 Million Target Women = $12.7 Billion Market Value
  12. Who’s Not Reaching Her? Yamaha – With all their horsepower and “seriously sporty image” Honda – Bike-focused for the male “idealized freedom seeker” Vespa Piaggio – Not yet...
  13. Vespa’s Competitive Advantage •Lightweight •Good-looking •Female-friendly •Eco-friendly •Accessible •Focused on YOU, the owner
  14. Putting Vespa In Her Sight • Product • Classic, established brand • Price • Set price, appropriate for the target • Place • Elaborate dealership network across USA • Suggestion: training dealers to work with her • Promotion • Suggestion: reach out to her in new ways
  15. How To Reach Her The Best Way to Get Around in Your Stilettos Drives Like a Car, Parks Like a Bike Helps You Save the Planet on a Budget
  16. The Best Way to Get Around in Your Stilettos •Women’s New Accessory •Style Icon •Gear Shift on Handles •Flat Floorboard •Pass-Through Leg Area Design
  17. Drives Like a Car, Parks Like a Bike •Ideal for Tight-Spot Parking •Designed with Ample Storage Space •Agile •Stable •Compact •Mobile
  18. Helps You Save the Planet on a Budget •Vespanomics for Women •$8 dollars per tank •70 miles per gallon •Unobtrusive footprint •Reduces traffic congestion •Doesn’t sacrifice speed •Benefit of a tax rebate “Vespanomics” Green Seal of Approval
  19. Putting Vespa Out There For Her To See •Commuter Trails and High-Traffic Areas •Style Magazines •Designer-Sponsored Test Rides •Celebrity Endorsement (Michelle Obama!) •Steady Advertising Campaign
  20. In Vespa, men already found freedom and fun… Now, women will find independence and style
  21.  Q&A Sa ty fe  Exte ives fe a c s o s ns a ty c e s rie  Trainingthro h yo d a rs ug ur e le hip  Mo rc leSa ty Fo a n (MSF) Rid rC urs to yc fe und tio e o
  22. Only VESPA’s naturally-occurring “wasp extract” peptide provides a safe & effective way to tap into the virtually limitless power of “fat as fuel” for natural human high-performance. The emerging sports science of “fat-adaptation”, “keto-adaptation” and “metabolic efficiency” is not new to us. VESPA has been leading the "fat as fuel" approach for over 15 years and today is the de facto leader in fat-based performance.

    What makes VESPA different is the podium. Our fat-adapted focus and winning pedigree spans over 15 years and includes Olympic Gold in events ranging from Men’s Figure Skating, Hockey and the Marathon to today’s ultra-endurance athletes who are shattering records at the outer edges of human performance.

    Vespa Model History

    From the very first 98cc model in 1946 to the 2003 Granturismo and the Vespa S in 2007, Piaggio has produced over 144 models, versions and variants of the Vespa (marked by different chassis codes): 144 models that trace the technical evolution of the world's most famous scooter.

    By the time the Vespa ET4 was launched in 1996, over 20,000 modifications had been made to the original 1946 product and over 1,500 parts replaced.

    It is difficult to pick out the most representative Vespas in an evolution that has lasted over 60+ years. Some Vespas are sought after by collectors because they belong to a special series, or because they were rapidly replaced by subsequent versions, and are highly priced in the period scooter market, which is extremely active all over the world.

    Others, which were produced in greater numbers or stayed on the market longer, are classic scooter models that have left their mark in the history of two-wheeled mobility.

    There is no lack of authentic technical records in the Vespa's history, each of which renews the tradition of innovation that has marked the evolution of the world's best selling motor scooter.

    OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) was created & developed for VESPA athletes to consistently obtain the “game-changing” performance and health benefits of using VESPA and getting the body back to its natural state of using “fat as your fuel” for aerobic metabolism. OFM is an integrated, multi-facetted approach to help the athlete make that fundamental shift back to burning “fat as fuel” for aerobic metabolism, even at higher aerobic levels. Emerging science from the is confirming what VESPA athletes already know; that fat metabolism plays a much larger role than previously thought possible and actually helps make carbohydrate use more powerful and sustainable.

    The Vespa is such an iconic symbol of Italy that we're forgiven for assuming the ancient Romans must have ridden the two-wheeled scooters on their daily excursions around town. In fact, Vespas are a post-war creation of the Piaggio company, which started out in 1884 manufacturing parts for ships, railroad cars, and, eventually, airplanes.

    The first Vespa (Italian for wasp, the name was reportedly coined by Enrico Piaggio himself) rolled off the assembly line in 1946. The Vespa was unique among  in the way it allowed riders to sit upright in a position that was ergonomically correct, before people even thought much about such things. The 98cc scooter also had guards beneath the rider’s feet and over the tires, to keep the rider from being splattered by mud and debris. It was, in short, a very civilized motorcycle.

    By 1953, the year Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn rode a Vespa through the streets of Rome for the film Roman Holiday, some 500,000 Vespas had been produced — estimates suggest the film accounted for an additional 100,000 sales. The line of Vespas had now grown to include a larger 125cc Vespa U (for Utility), with a rack behind the seat (only 7,000 of these rare Vespas were made). In 1962, Salvador Dali painted a Vespa 150, and collectible bikes from 1963 include the smaller Vespa 50 and the 125cc Primavera.

    Tips For Those That Have A Vespa For Sale

    Those who have a vespa they want to sell or buy should consider several factors in buying that will ensure them the best deal. Following are several tips that will help one get the best price and options when buying or selling a vespa.

    Before the tips are addressed, everyone should know the history of the Vespa as a vehicle and how its popularity has grown. The Vespa is a scotter manufactured first by the Italian company Piaggio in 1946. In the beginning, there was only one model of the scooter available. Now, there is a full line of Vespas available, all of which embody elegant design and fashion. In Italian, the word 'vespa' is used to mean 'wasp', and the scooter was so named because of its buzzing engine and its antennae-like steering wheel.

    Many people want to buy a Vespa so that they can more easily maneuver through traffic, park more easily, and find something that is cost-efficient. Vespas are less expensive than cars in terms of their cost to run. Plus, there are many deals on Vespas.

    Here are the steps that should be taken when selling a Vespa:

    Here at vespa for sale We know that buying a new Vespa may not be in cards so to speak.  So we offer you a new Vespa option that is to buy a project vespa a and fix the Vespa it up and paint it the way you want.  This can be done for a fraction of the cost of a new vespa. First you pick one up from our reputable Vespa for sale sellers and then grab some parts and a wrench and hook it up the way you want.  Easy as pie and far less expensive then a New Vespa and in some cases way cooler.

    7. Check sites like Ebay and auto classifieds. Check the models for pricing and options. This will help Vespa make comparing Vespas easier and pricing the scooter more managable.

    6. Once a few revelant Vespas have been compiled, it should be relatively easy to compare prices and determine the average price of sale. This will make the Vespa more desirable and comparable to the others available.

    5. Write an intriguing and interesting ad for the scooter. Mileage, usability, and condition are the most important factors to be included.  All beneficial and advantageous factors should be listed as well as those small flaws that the Vespa may have. This will make the ad seem honest and not too exaggerative. Make sure that the ad does not overly emphasize any benefits or flaws, as this can make the ad seem fake or the Vespa less desirable.

    4. Some places do not require Vespa owners to own a drivers license. If this is a relevant piece of information, it should be included in the ad. This can make many potential buyers more interested and perhaps even facilitate a sale.

    3. If relevant, make sure options for local pick up are included. This will make the Vespa even more desirable. If the Vespa will need to be shipped, make sure this information and pricing is included. This kind of information can often make or break a sale, so it is important to remember and reference.

    2. Make sure the ad includes several photos of the Vespa from all angles and in high quality. These photos are often what will make a person decide to buy one product or item over another. Close-ups and shots of main parts are especially important.

    1. Promote the ads on online forums and through the use of advertising space, which is often free, online. This is often the key to making a sale quickly and efficiently.

    These tips should help those looking to sell a Vespa, and can even help those looking to buy one. Hopefully, they can help everyone sell a Vespa more efficiently and without too many bumps in the road. The scooters below can give an idea of what a Vespa is and what can be expected of one.


    As one of the top selling scooters in the country, you can easily find a Vespa for sale.  Whether you want a used, new or vintage Vespa, you can find a vehicle to suit your needs.  When you shop for your scooter, you can look for a few features to determine what it is you really want in the Vespa.  You can begin by looking at the newer models to see what specifications are available in the scooter to help make your decision.

    One of the first things you may notice about the Vespa is how fast they can go.  For instance, some scooters can achieve a top speed of nearly 40 miles per hour while some can get to speeds up to 60 and 80.  While many Vespas have a range of 65 to 70 per gallon in fuel, there are also a few that have speeds from 85 to 90.

    You can then begin to look at the various models of Vespas to see which one best suits your personality.  For example, the LX 50 4V is comfortable yet sophisticated.  It achieves a top speed of about 40 miles per hour but uses between 85 and 90 miles of fuel per gallon.  On the other hand, you have the GTV 300.  This vintage style machine is known for its power.  Although it can go up to 80 miles per hour, it has a slightly lower per gallon fuel range of 65 to 70.

    If you want a newer style model that is sleek and smooth as well as fast, you can try the GTS 300, like the GTV 300, it achieves speeds of 80 miles an hour and has the same fuel range of 65 to 70 gallons for each mile.  You can even upgrade this particular model with the GTS 300 Super if you prefer not only a more contemporary look but also a sportier look and faster machine.  However, if speed is important to you, you may consider an efficient model such as the S 50 4V.

    You also need to consider where you will drive your Vespa when you choose one.  For instance, if you plan to take to the highway as well as regular city streets, you need to look at a machine such as the LXV 350 i.e. that can handle both these arenas.  Of course, you also need to consider the price


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