Scooterwest reviews

  • Robby I.
    • Robby I.

    I worked with these guys through their online store.

    They helped me with a weird key situation for my Vespa and they were unbelievably great to work with. They went way beyond the call of duty. Some of the best customer service I've ever experienced.

    Of course they also took care of my key situation which saved me hundreds of dollars over the solution another dealer had proposed.

    Highly recommended.

  • Kevin R.
    • Kevin R.

    This July it will be a year since we purchased our his & hers Vespas from TC at Vespa Motorsport. Vespas are pure happiness and fun and that's what these guys are all about. Got the VIP treatment with while you wait for your new scooters to be prepared hand made espresso coffees. This business is top notch with staff who love what they do and know how to do it. Kevin on the maintenance side got my scoot in and out quickly for it first inspection. Love the maintenance videos they provide on their web site. Awesome store - Even if you're not getting one it's a fun place to sit on and look at scooters. PS - retirement is a blast!


    TJ A.
    • TJ A.

    Love the staff and fantastic owner. Everyone that works there is passionate and knows what's up. Highly recommended.

  • James S.
    • James S.

    I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Vespa Motorsport through their online store I have a Piaggio MP3 that I needed a spare key for. As I did not have the master key for the bike as well, I was quoted over $1000 to replace the lockset and computer on the bike by my local dealer.
    I called to see if there was an alternative, and the guys said if I shipped them the key, they could copy it, for $80. I overnighted the key to them from Canada (where I live), and they copied they key, and overnighted it back. The works perfectly, and I saved $900.
    Another happy customer.

  • A B.
    • A B.

    After being completely screwed by San Diego Scooter Repair [DO NOT GO HERE!!!], I decide to take my other scooter to Vespa Motorsports for repairs. My scooter needed a new stator and I was unfamiliar with that job as well as not having the necessary tools.

    Bottom line, they do great work here. I was a bit shocked at their labor cost, but there aren't many shops out here, so we scooter peeps don't have many options. The diagnostic fee is standard and is a separate cost from the repairs.

    My one BIG complaint is that they do not allow 3rd party parts, nor do they guarantee the parts that they force you to use. All they give you is a 30day guarantee on the service. If the part they use fails, you have to come back, pay for another diagnostic, buy another part, and pay for the labor again.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Greg B.
    • Greg B.


    Visited Vespa today and just wanted to say AWESOME! I buy all my parts from them and they just get it done. Great service and help with me keeping up with the maintenance of my scooter. Anytime the service manager comes out and can rattle off part #'s off the top off his head....... THEY KNOW THEIR S@#T. Thanks again Vespa you are the best!

  • Oulie T.

    Came here with a friend to buy parts for his girlfriends Vespa. He had just bought her a brand new one(what a sweet guy) and she dropped it the first time she took it out(D'OH).  We had to drive from the Inland Empire because he said this was the nearest shop that carried parts. I was going to pee my pants after the long drive and thankfully they had a restroom which was quite impressive and nice.

    The rest of the shop and service was also impressive and nice. They were attentive and on top of it when assisting my friend. They made recommendations on the parts he needed and gave him tips on how to install and repair. The showroom is really well organized and comfortable with a seating area for browsing catalogues and relaxing. I like the displays of the old vespa's they have. It was nice to see how the Vespa's evolved over the years.

  • Derek T.
    • Derek T.

    More great experiences with this shop - since they moved, I thought I'd post an update: took my modern Vespa LX150 in for a squeak (turned out out it was a loose heat shield) and they did a thorough inspection and found my front tire to be bald (bad news to have a blowout on a front tire on a motorcycle or scooter!), my low beam headlight was out, and it needed a variety of other fixes and service. As always Kevin arranged everything and sent the estimate by email after calling me. Fair pricing, excellent thorough service and excellent communication as well as fast service.

    Even though they moved (to a much bigger space and now an official Vespa dealer), they're still conveniently located.

  • Vince C.
    • Vince C.

    Great customer service and service department is A++.  A little on the expensive side...but the quality is worth it.

  • Kenneth K.

    I've been coming to Vespa Motorsport for about 2 years now. They have worked on every scooter I have so far. My Vespa GT 200 has been brought back from the dead about three times by their wonderful service department, my GTS 300 was entirely redone to be a totally custom show bike by Steve Bailey and greatly inspired by Alex.

    I previously stated I've never bought a scooter from these guys - well I cannot say that anymore. In all of my time coming to these guys (side note: I live 180 miles away, and make very regular trips down just to see these guys they're that great) it just reinforced this is a dealer I need to support and keep around. More and more scooter shops are closing the doors and disappearing forever, the community by and large needs to take care of itself by taking care of the dealers.

    I just finished up buying a brand new 2013 Piaggio BV 350. I couldn't have been happier with the process. All of the sales staff were unbelievably helpful, Steve went above and beyond, and Alex is still there everyday with helpful advice and his usual wit.

    Needless to say if you own a Vespa, or are simply interested in them talk to these guys. You at least owe it to yourself to check out this wonderful world of scooters that this crew has built. Seriously if you even talk to these guys you'll be hooked and grow into a lifelong customer as I have. This is the pinnacle of what a business should be.

  • Chelsea B.
    • Chelsea B.

    This place is great. While I payed a little more than I was initially planning on, the service and selection is unbeatable. TC was the one who helped me out the most and he was incredibly knowledgeable and kind. He even gave me advice on buying a used scooter not from him.

    I had some issues with financing but they helped me figure that out too. Overall, I couldn't be more impressed.

  • Lori R.
    • Lori R.

    I came into this shop about two times before I bought my Piaggio Typhoon 125. The first time was to just check out their showroom and I met Erik who was so nice and let me know that I could test drive some of the ones I liked after I got my Motorcycle permit. (I have never been on a scooter, motorcycle or ATV).

    I went and got my permit came back and TC showed me how to ride the Buddy (since this is their demo bike). He was so patient as I was a bit wobbly at first. He gave me some great tips and after about 5 minutes I was off up and down the hill, doing zig zags as if I had been on one before! I felt very confident on the Buddy so I wanted to test drive the Piaggio that I knew I would eventually get.

    It only took but half a second to be off and riding up and down the hill again. Wow! TC is such a great teacher! After I rode the Piaggio, he even told me I could take it around the block but I didn't need to because I knew I was hooked! So I asked them to hold this scooter for me because I knew I was going to come back and get it! Well, they were so sweet and held it for me for free for 24 hours.

    Of course I went back and got it and they are delivering it to me today! What a wonderful and great experience for a first time scooter rider and buyer! Thanks Erik and TC!

  • Paul C.
    • Paul C.

    Scooter shop overall: 5/5 stars.
    Price for the service I received: 1/5 stars.
    Helpfulness of the reinstall advice: 5/5 stars.

    I ordered two new Avon Viper Strike  tires for my 2005 Kymco Grand Vista Scooter online from a different retailer for $95 delivered.  

    To save money I removed the wheels from my scooter and brought them in.  I was quoted about $35 / tire to un-install the old tires and install the new ones.  Fourty-five minutes later they said it was done but the price was $95!!  I have owned motorcycles for years and have never paid anything near that price.  

    I didn't complain and the person in parts was very nice and offered helpful tips for the reinstall but I feel the tire price should be fixed they way all other scooter / motorcycle shops are (when the customer is bringing in the tires and wheels).  I'm afraid to think how much it would have been if I just drove the scooter in.

    I understand this place is probably super expensive to rent, to build and operate but the customer must be able to afford the service.  

    Otherwise the place is beautiful - the nicest looking scooter shop I have ever seen.

  • K M.
    • K M.

    There is absolutely no one word to describe my experience with Vespa Motorsport. All I can say is that Vespa Motorsport has been so helpful in my Vespa purchase process and answered every question I had and responded to me in the same day.

    I have never met anyone from Vespa Motorsport nor have I ever set foot in their shop. It's not that I have no desire to, it's because I live in Hawai'i.

    My search for a Vespa here in Hawai'i has been very frustrating. My resources are very limited and the response time of the dealer here, is crazy long and there are not very informative. I can't even get a price from them and they do not sell the Vespa's at the MSRP.

    I first saw a listing on Craig's List Hawai'i and didn't think it was possible for an out of state dealer to sell Vespa's here. But when I searched the internet and YouTube, Vespa Motorsport kept on appearing. I did my research and liked everything I read and saw about Vespa Motorsport, so with that, I gave them a call. Erik from Vespa Motorsport was my contact person. He is extremely helpful and informative. There was no pressure from him, he answered all of my questions and even shared a few photos and videos of their shipping process. Talking to Erik is like talking to a long time friend. It's also a plus that Vespa Motorsport is an actual Vespa Dealer and carry everything I need for my Vespa. The dealer here in Hawai'i has to special order the items I need, which I can imagine they will charge me whatever they please.

    Vespa Motorsport is the only place I recommend for your Vespa purchase. They are far cheaper than the Hawai'i dealer and not to mention, Hawai'i doesn't even have their 2013 models in stock yet.

    Please also check them out on YouTube. They have DIY videos, very helpful.

  • Pablo T.
    • Pablo T.

    TERRIBLE SERVICE! That's what happens when you have no competition in a market like San Diego. You get arrogance and apathy instead. Some people have had good experiences here (only because they bought their Vespa there). I've had just the opposite. If you look at Rachel G's review on Yelp, my experience with these guys has been the same.

    I tried to get just a rough estimate for a tire and oil change on my 2006 Bajaj Chetak by emailing Steve, who responded by passing me off to the service department. They never got back in touch with me. So I called the parts and service department, who said someone would get back to me. They didn't. And when I followed up with another email to Steve.  He started making excuses for their poor service, insulted me, and even lied saying they did call me back.

    My experience with Scooterwest the time before that was just as bad. When they botched a paint job on my cowl (yes, they sent it out to another paint shop). Afterwards they said they couldn't guarantee the work, or that the new paint would ever match the paint on my new Bajaj. Yeah, wish you would have told me that BEFORE I left it with you!! They ended up having the cowl for over two weeks, and still got it wrong. And never called me when it was finally finished. I called them, and they said "Oh, yeah, it was done a couple days ago, we just forgot to call you."

    The only way the service here will ever improve is if someone opens another scooter shop in town to keep them honest. You've got to experience really good service to know what really bad service is, and these guys have the market cornered down here so what does it matter how they treat customers. I say the guys who ran IDC in L.A. should come down and give Scooterwest a clinic on what honesty, and integrity is all about.

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